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The site combined original reporting with an attack-dog mentality to target Republican lawmakers and conservative ideas.

Skinny Fabulous, Caspa G - Shut Down (Jab fete Riddim)

A testament to its success is found in the list of prominent alumni currently working in politics and journalism. That list includes Faiz Shakir, who now serves as Sen.

But the site suffered from editorial frictions during the Obama years, when the visions of some of the staff clashed with the larger political demands of CAP and its donors. Elsewhere, there were rifts and tensions over ThinkProgress posts that were critical of Israel.

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In the fall of , staffers at ThinkProgress unionized, in part as a means of formalizing editorial independence from CAP brass. And there was a sense that the election of Donald Trump in would spark a boomlet in material for staff to investigate and cover. In , the site brought on board Jodi Enda, an alum of CNN, to serve as editor in chief, in what was presented as a movement towards more original reporting.

But editorial tensions have lingered. The presidential candidate responded in a lacerating letter targeting CAP for accepting corporate donations and linking the published story to the bidding of said donors. Adding to the problems has been a worsening financial situation for the site. Privately, staffers and some alumni argued that, with some budget reductions, CAP could continue funding operations through the reallocation of donor dollars.

Hanoi to shut down 'train street' cafes

A few months ago, they let it be known that they were looking to sell the site off to a prospective buyer. News Innovation Scouted Travel. CNN — Authorities are clamping down on the cafes that line one of Hanoi's most famous roads, citing overtourism and safety concerns.

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On an Old Quarter thoroughfare, known as " train street, " locomotives rumble down an active track just inches away from homes and other buildings. The juxtaposition of train tracks and residential housing has made it hugely popular among travelers to the capital of Vietnam.

Shutdown - Wikipedia

But the municipal government of Hanoi, led by the local transit authority, has ordered that cafes alongside the heavily Instagrammed train tracks -- which sprung up to cater to the tourism boom -- close by October Authorities cite danger to human life as the primary motivator for the shutdown. The boiling point apparently came on Sunday, October 6, when a train traveling through Hanoi was forced to re-route because there were too many tourists on the tracks, which were built in by the French. He did not mention specific regulations, but noted that the street has been an issue for some time.

In , Vietnam-based writer Dave Fox told CNN Travel that "overtourism is a new buzzword for something that has been going on a long time. A longtime Hanoi resident, he watched as "train street" transformed from a cool novelty into a safety concern. When it comes to overtourism, some destinations face more of a challenge than others.