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  1. The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne
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PS: Go to piano; play Moonlight Sonata. Whenever PS gets the urge to play Moonlight Sonata, it makes for a pretty wild night in the speakeasy. AD, PS: Swap handgun and tommygun through slots. When I originally drew the huge bag of candy corn, I think I had my eye on it as an inexhaustible supply of ammo for a candy weapon. But then I didn't really get as much use out of the candy guns as I thought I would. This seemed like a much cooler way to use all that corn anyway. PI: Tie rope around bust and oboe, strung through pulleys.

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AD: Make candy corn liquor. PS: Fire tommy gun at target above piano. AD: Check progess of candy corn fermentation. AD: Go out window and duck for cover.

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AD: Ride still like a mechanical bull. No, just stay put and see what happens. I thought this explosion was pretty sweet at the time, but in retrospect it's some pretty weak sauce compared to the ones that come later. And no, I'm not talking about the one that literally involves strong sauce. Only one relevant question remains. Does PS's office have a sprinkler system too??? Hey, whatever works!

The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne

AD: Drop handgun through skylight. AD: Drop your own skull through skylight. AD: Check on the candy corn liquor. PS: See if your office is ok after explosion. Note how my keen artist's hand adroitly renders the suspicion on their faces. The tension in the room is palpable.

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PS: Go upstairs. PI: Go down chimney again, get more tears, and handgun. PI: Give some tears to PS. PI: Go get candy corn liquor. The still room, which catches fire more than any other room, ironically is not fitted with a sprinkler system. The thing is, water sullies good hooch! AD: Step outside office. AD: Leave the building! Yes, the point of the game is to exit this door.

It really, really, literally, honestly is.


AD: Displace Trombone. Also notice how no water is spilling out of the back of the window in PI's door. I guess that portal only works when the door's closed?? Yeah, must be. PS: Sweet-talk your way in through doors. PS, PI: Go in. Hey, see you next time! I can't wait to write another or-so quips lampooning my own work! We have a callback to Jailbreak on the very first page. Jailbreak was the first adventure I did in this format. The moment referenced here was when one of the imprisoned heroes carved pumpkins to match the faces of wall indentations to solve a puzzle, to escape drowning, break out of prison, and later commit suicide by a stump near the woods.

Anything to do with pumpkins in PS is in fact referencing Jailbreak. Now you know.

Chisel Hedgehog Book 2 Volcano Island (Crazy Great Summer) (Volume 2)

But the real question is - do you care??? PS: Carve surprised face in pumpkin and put it in sad recess.

Best Classic Toys Of 12222

The result is breath taking. The expression is human emotion incarnate. Why, is this a pumpkin, or a fellow man rapt within the human condition? No, wait, that's stupid. Wouldn't it be cool if he summoned Henry Clay instead? Too bad that throwaway joke will never come to pass, oh wait yes it will. PI: Retrieve skull from elf hideout. Most of the elf tear went into the hard boiled facial expression. A menacing look like that ain't free.

You can't see it, but just below the frame out of view, he is holding a pamphlet on his brand of diplomacy. The thugs will read it to get aquainted with it after they are shot. Mobster Kingpin is obviously a security genius. To open his doors, our heroes must come to terms with their own mortality. Or destroy a lovely musical instrument. Or both. PI: Insert skull in groove. AD: Go grab Pickle Inspector's skull.

AD: Use Trombone to breath underwater! PS: Summon Weasel King. The author of this book communes with the reader through this annotation. The reader communes back, communally twitching his or her whiskers in an especially communal manner. Communion takes place. Doing so long enough unlocked so many secrets, you don't even have any idea. PS: Align thyself with the elves. Please take a moment to examine and appreciate each panel here. Each one is a precious snowflake, and not the least bit redundant.

ISBN 13: 9781523282463

PI: Ogle the Emissary disconcertingly to calm him down. When you encounter a wild weasel traveling on official state business and it predictably loses its shit, now you know what to do. AD: Go through door's window and throw the switch.